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After months of sexual assaults, robberies, and murders German citizens try to block a bus of muslim ‘refugees’ from entering the country…German politicians say they are ashamed of their racist citizens

by Pamela Geller


German politicians should be ashamed, not of the their countrymen, mind you, but of themselves. They should be ashamed of their own treasonous, treacherous actions in bringing down their own country — allowing a hostile invading force to overtake their state and their security.

Unlike the hostile invaders, these protesters were not raping, robbing or attacking, they were making their concerns known. Merkel continues to bring in tens of thousands — does she really believe that the people will give up their hearth, home, security and way of life without so much as a protest?

Of course the chants are going louder. I have posted previous videos of quiet demos of concerned citizens attempting a blockade of buses with migrants coming into their towns. Nothing was done.

Here is coverage from the Muslim migrants’ paper of record, The Guardian:

“Mob chanting at bus of refugees in Germany shames politicians,” Guardian, February 19, 2016

German politicians say they are ashamed after a video emerged of an angry mob harassing a bus carrying refugees as it arrived in the eastern state of Saxony.

The clip, which has been circulating on social media, shows a group of protesters blocking the path of a coach carrying visibly distressed asylum



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