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Belgian government to fund imams and Muslim consultants to “stimulate a moderate European form of Islam”

This effort is foredoomed; how much of Belgium will be left before the Belgian government figures that out? “Last year it was revealed that a young Moroccan imam who had preached in the officially recognised ‘moderate’ mosque, the Dome in Borgerhout, had gone to Syria with two other men to join the jihadists. Youssef El G. — the imam in question — had not been monitored, and the police said his departure came as a surprise.” There will be many, more such surprises.

Belgian police officers and firefighters stand outside the Grand Mosque in Brussels, Belgium November 26, 2015. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

“Belgian Government To Fund Imams And Muslim Consultants To ‘Stimulate A Moderate European Form Of Islam,’” by Sarkis Zeronian, Breitbart, February 19, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Belgian Federal Government has set aside a multi-million euro fund to work alongside the Muslim Executive on a project aiming “to help stimulate a moderate European form of Islam”.

The Belgian Government has earmarked €3.3 million to be able to pay the wages of 80 new Imams, reports Flemish daily newspaper De Standaard. The move was announced in the light of applications filed in recent months by mosques seeking official state recognition.

Justice Minister Koen Geens said official recognition of mosques forms “part of our strategy to promote a more integrated form of Islam”, one intended to counter radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism. He added:

“A recognised mosque is a sign of an integrated Islam. In the fight against radicalisation, it is important that young people


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