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200,000 “Refugees” in Libya Waiting to Travel to Europe…ALL YOUNG, ALL MALE AS ALWAYS


More of Obama’s magic — he ousted Qaddafi, stood down in Benghazi, and stood down as jihadists took over the country.

200,000 refugees are waiting for the crossing to Europe,” Die Welt, February 21, 2016:

Die Welt Google translate — not perfect, but you get the idea:

The EU intends to strictly ensure the Aegean, but in North Africa already waiting 200.000 immigrants for better weather: you want across the Mediterranean. Other refugee routes might be popular.

The European Union is negotiating feverishly about the fact that fewer refugees transiting through the so-called Balkan route. But European authorities expect that the immigrants adopt due to strict border protection measures and new ways to bypass the Western Balkans. The conclusions of the European Council it is therefore, one must pursue potential developments on alternative routes carefully, “to respond quickly and in concert to”.

A stronger securing the EU’s external border in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey will probably lead to many refugees will resort to the very dangerous central Mediterranean route from Libya and Egypt. Intelligence services from different countries watch for information the “Welt am Sonntag” that are already waiting in Libyan coastal towns 150000-200000 refugees for better weather to dare the journey across the Mediterranean. So far, the refugees come here mainly from Eritrea, Nigeria and Somalia. The number of migrants from the war zone in Syria rises, however.

In a strict border security in the Aegean experts also expect more attempts to escape via the Black Sea. The 2015 first time less concern about the focus refugee route via Georgia and Russia to Europe could be popular.

In the case of closure of the border in Macedonia, the experts is likely that the refugee train dodge their way through the Greek west coast, or tries to enter Albania from across the sea to Italy. In addition, the land to Bulgaria could be popular. In security circles warns that highly protected borders reduce migratory pressure, but will not eliminate it. One reason is the continued in Syria



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