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Coffee In The Morning! Do You Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach? You Must Read This!


I am sure that a lot of people know about health benefits that coffee has for your body.

But I am questioning if those people know that they shouldn`t drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach.

Unfortunately, there is a very bad habit among people to drink coffee in the morning.

Some of them even drink coffee in the morning without leaving their warm bad.

Coffee in the morning on an empty stomach? NO!

The consummation of one cup of black coffee in the morning (on an empty stomach) it will release the hydrochloric acid that is inside your digestive tract.

If you suffer from gastritis, for sure you have been experienced this situation.

This hydrochloric acid acts like a “violation” of the food in your stomach.

Whenever you are eating some “heavy” food, it can cause some problems with digestion.

That will lead to a difficult and harder digestion of proteins.

Whenever proteins are not fully disassembled it will lead to some other problems.

Those problems can be irritation, bloating, inflammation of the bowel and even dangerous cancer of the colon.

For all of these reasons, experts are advising that people should not drink coffee in the morning before your breakfast.

The coffee in the morning will increase the cortisol level very fast.

Therefore, your body will need longer time to return to


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