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WARNING: The Earliest Signs of Cancer Appear on Your Skin

Many primary signs of cancer usually are understated and usually people disregard them as usual ache or pain.

According to a British study, that is available in PlosOne, some of those seemingly ordinary pains, indicate much more serious disorders.

Katrina Whitaker is author of that study and a research fellow from the University College London and she says that even though these symptoms won’t point to cancer for most, for some of them they still can. Because of that it is recommended to visit the doctor, it may be life – saving.


Excessive bruising or bleeding that won’t stop

If there is irregular function of the platelets and red blood cells, in most cases that is sign of leukemia. Actually, the red blood cell ability to carry oxygen is compromised as leukemia cells take over, which will lead to blood clotting.

Facial swelling

If you have facial swelling, there is possibility that you have lung cancer. This is based on the fact that minor cell lung tumors usually block blood vessels in the chest, therefore stopping free blood flow from your face and head. Numerous lung cancer patients have had swelling, puffiness, or redness in the face.

Lump or bumps

The deviations in the lymphatic system, counting cancer onset, usually are manifested by enlarged lymph nodes. Any lump on your body needs instant medical attention.

A red, sore, or swollen breast

Sore, red and/ or swollen breasts usually are sign of inflammatory


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