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Despicable missionary group ‘Jews for Jesus’ support pro terror organization hell bent on the destruction of the Jews in Israel

JerusalemOnline recently learned that missionaries for the Jews for Jesus signed a pact with Musalaha, an organization whose head has links to the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine and who has praised Hamas terror tunnels.


Missionaries from Jews for Jesus in Israel are allying themselves with the anti-Zionist Palestinian Christian organization Musalaha in order to attack the Aramean Christian community. After a speaker at a Musalaha conference called Aramean Christians loyal to Israel “collaborators,” the Aramean community responded robustly. JerusalemOnline reported last year that Father Gabriel Naddaf, the spiritual head of the Christian Empowerment Council which is based in Nazareth, Israel, called out the Musalaha organization after its founder Salim Munayer, who boasts his family connections to George Habash, the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror group, praised Hamas’ terror tunnels as sources of food and drink as well as a means to “get weapons to defend because they want to change the situation.”

In response to Naddaf, missionaries from Jews for Jesus defended Munayer’s stance on the terror tunnels.  Jews for Jesus activist David Minsky, who works among many Israeli soldiers and other youth in Israel, asserted that Hamas was merely “defending themselves and the mess they created” during Operation Protective Edge in summer 2014. Labelling Israel’s security blockade of Gaza a “siege,” Minsky also suggested that Hamas may not have been to blame for the deaths of three Israeli teenagers on their way home from school before hostilities began – despite Hamas admitting to having kidnapped the boys. In further online comments, Minsky had suggested that Hamas was “trying to make life better” for the people of Gaza and that Father Naddaf should be sued for libel. Fellow Jews for Jesus missionary Chaim Birnbaum added that Naddaf’s post “had no foundational truths.”

This week, when Father Naddaf criticized a pact signed between Musalaha and leaders from Jews for Jesus, Minsky accused Naddaf’s organization of possessing “worthless, biased opinions.” Naddaf responded to Minsky


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