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Lowe’s Just Gave the Middle Finger to ‘Offended’ Muslims


The tide is turning against the political view against Muslims within America and the rest of the world, and its quickly becoming a tidal wave of epic proportions. Although liberals would call it Islamophobia, conservatives just call it common sense. If moderate, peace-loving Muslims want to come and assimilate into American culture, they are more than welcome. But if they are found to support terror, then they are not.

One particular TLC television show found this out the hard way. The show All-American Muslim recently lost its advertising from hardware-giant Lowe’s. The reason was simple: no one wanted to watch the show. Any potential viewers were probably disturbed and turned off by the fact the show is affiliated with the radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Surprise, Surprise. No sane American wants to watch a television show that is linked to radical Islamic terrorism.

Naturally, liberals were upset, and they called for a boycott of the hardward giant. However, Lowe’s continues to remain firm. It cannot, in good conscience, support a series that tries to shove Sharia law propaganda down everyone’s throat every night.

The attacks increased from the left, including from many different elected officials. Ted Lieu, a new congressman from California, called the decision by Lowe’s a “shameful” act. Others on the political left have demanded Lowe’s apologize.

However, a number of other organizations have stepped up and supported the organization. The Florida Family Association


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