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New Legislation Will Shut Down Muslim Indoctrination In U.S. Schools For Good


Finally, Tennessee is getting it! House Bill 1418 will put an end to the un-godly indoctrination of our school children into the sick world of radical Islam.

This move turns the age-old argument about “separation of church and state” on its heel and drives it back at the pro-Islam, specifically the obsessive Caliphate-establishing and flag-waving Council on the American Islamic Relations (CAIR) group, as well as the anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and pro-Atheism movements.

There is no playing favorites with faith. If Christianity, the foundation of this nation is banned from all classrooms then Islam, the faith of which we are in a war with, sure as heck better be banned.

Throughout the Happy-Hijab and Madrasa public schools of Tennessee, the education system has been subjecting children to recitation of the Five Pillars of Islam, and the Shahada…which would be the chicken-scratch flag of the ISIS and their maniacal blood-thirsty Jihad, and


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