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South American Archives Confirm That Thousands of Nazis Fled There after the World War II


Recently-opened archives in some South American countries have shed new light on the extent of the wide-scale influx of Nazis into the Americas at the end of the Second World War. These refugees were seeking to escape from both punishment for their war crimes and from the ruins of the Third Reich – ruins which they themselves had  brought about.

For a long time it has been known that many high-ranking members of the German Nazi party were helped to escape from Germany towards the end of the Second World War and also for a few years afterwards. Many were given refuge in the countries of South and Central America. Others were smuggled to the USA, where they found safe haven and set up new lives for themselves.

In some cases, the fugitives from justice were acting on their own initiative or with the help of small bands of sympathetic helpers. But in many other cases these movements were part of formal, organised


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