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The vast majority of so-called refugees are economic migrants. And a devastated Europe, under pressure from affected Eastern European countries, is starting to shut down Merkel’s Muslim pipeline triggering all the predictable outrage and crybullying by the invaders and colonists. Macedonia has classified Afghans as economic migrants, which led to… violence by the Religion of Peace.

A decision by Macedonian authorities to block thousands of Afghan asylum seekers from crossing into the country from Greece set off violent clashes between migrants and the police on Monday, highlighting the challenges facing European nations as they seek to check the flow of people to the Continent.

Clearly the sorts of people Europe needs more of.

The policy shift, unveiled this weekend after Austria, Croatia and Serbia announced they would restrict migrant entries, means that newly arriving Afghans, who make up a third of asylum seekers in Europe, can now pass no farther north than Greece. Thousands more who are migrating north are stuck in countries where borders have temporarily closed.

Which means Greece’s irresponsible Marxist government might actually have to start doing its job. Greece and Germany are responsible for 90 percent of this mess.

“The Balkan route was a humanitarian corridor; it could close after consultations and not by turning one country against the other,” the Greek migration minister, Ioannis Mouzalas, told the Greek channel Skai TV. “We are faced with an action that has elements of a coup.”

Greece’s government calls everything a coup. Being asked to pay its debts is a coup. Not being allowed to funnel Muslim migrants is a coup. Shorter cigarette breaks are a coup.

Austria faced renewed criticism from European Union authorities on Tuesday for unilaterally imposing a cap on asylum applications and entries, after its decision to place a daily limit of 3,200 entries and 80 asylum applications spurred a cascade of tightened borders that rippled south to Macedonia.

Which forced Macedonia to do the right thing. Which may eventually force Greece to do the right thing. It’s domino theory in reverse.

A statement from Macedonia’s police said they were restricting Afghans “because Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia decided to reduce their number”.

More than 600 Afghan refugees have been sent back to Macedonia in recent days, the statement said.

“We can’t allow Macedonia to become a buffer zone and refugee camp,” said a foreign ministry official, declining to be named.

“I will continue on to Macedonia,” said Abdulah Farash, 21, a student from Syria. “My friend and I want to go on to Germany… it was important to reach Greece through Izmir,” he said of a Turkish Aegean port where many migrants set off for the passage to Greece. “Then things are easy.”

At the border with Macedonia on Monday, witnesses said Syrian refugees


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