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Crowds CHEER as Muslim ‘Refugee’ Center BURNS to Ground, Stop Firefighters From Putting it Out


According to German press, an interesting incident occurred in a home for Asylum seekers in Bautzen. The residence housed over 300 refugees. A “suspicious” fire broke out at the house, engulfing the entire structure in flames:

Local Germans reacted to the fire in the most unusual way. The Germans cheered for the fire, they even interfered with firefighters in an effort to keep the housing complex burning. The police said the local residents showed “blatant” joy that the refugee residence was burning. They were also accused of making derogatory statements about the refugees.

2 out of a drunken mob of 20 – 30 people were arrested. Now the cause of the fire is under investigation and considered suspicious. It’s too early to jump to conclusions, but it definitely raises suspicion when you have a mob of drunken people cheering for a burning building.

Regardless if you agree with their methods, the reaction from the mob is not surprising. Germans have been treated like second class citizens, as their population has been endlessly victimized to help Syrian refugees. While I can understand the need and desire to


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