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‘These guys are disgusting’ ISIS ‘planting bombs in Korans’ before fleeing territory

DESPERATE ISIS has resorted to booby-trapping copies of the Koran and fridges to blow up its victorious opponents when they claim territory.

By Margi Murphy


Military commanders have painted a picture of an increasingly desperate ISIS after 18 months of western airstrikes.

And Baghdad-based Col Warren revealed that the twisted terror group — commonly known as Daesh — is booby-trapping areas they have been forced out of in desperation.

“These guys are disgusting, they have left bombs in refrigerators, they have put bombs in toilets, they have put bombs inside the holy Koran – we found that on several occasions in Ramadi,” he said, speaking at the Foreign Office in London.

Extremists have resorted to conscription and forcing children to become soldiers after a well of international volunteers dried up.

Col Warren said: “We have seen an increase in enforced conscription.

“We have seen an increase in the number of child soldiers, which is particularly concerning.”

Jihadi’s wages have been slashed and internal turmoil — have all put the terrorit organisation in a precarious position.

And now that the terror organisation is in “defensive crouch” it could spell a spate of “high visibility” attacks across Europe.

Col Warren fears that the cowardly militants will order reprisal terror attacks using cells planted in Europe after losing 40% of its Iraqi territory and 10% of its Syria strongholds.

Col Warren said: “We have assessed that as we continue to squeeze the enemy and as the enemy continues to feel that it’s back is against


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