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WW3 APOCALYPSE Is NEAR… A Top US Official Just Said THE END IS COMING… So Get Ready!

William Perry, who served in the top US defence position from 1994 – 1997 was recently quoted as saying “A new danger has been rising in the past three years and that is the possibility there might be a nuclear exchange between the United States and Russia… brought about by a substantial miscalculation – a false alarm.”


In the face of a potential threat, Barak Obama and Vladimir Putin would have as  little as 15 minutes to decide whether to push the button that would decide our fate.

Now with Russia and the US involved in the Syrian war, and Putin flexing his country’s military muscle all over the world, we’re in real danger. Add to that countries like Iran, China, North Korea and Pakistan coming close to nuclear capabilities and DOOM doesn’t look that impossible for us all. Even the slightest military mishap could spark WW3.


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