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Black Panther Leader Called for Bombing Nurseries to Murder White Babies… Where’s Al Sharpton?


In light of the rampant sentiment against whites in Baltimore, especially when it comes to white police officers, it’s important to point out the men and women who have for years been stoking the fire that eventually lead to the race riots seen in Ferguson, Mo., and, more recently, Baltimore.

One group holding a large chunk of the responsibility for the destruction is the New Black Panther Party, specifically Chief of Staff Michelle Williams and King Samir Shabazz — two disturbed racist individuals who have called for violence against whites for years.

In 2012, Williams announced that Tampa, Fla., was “under siege” by whites, as it was the home of the GOP Convention.

She used time on a radio show to ridicule “crackers” and black conservatives. The host of the show, Shabazz, reiterated his threat that blacks firebomb nurseries to kill as many white babies as possible.

Leading up to his shocking suggestion, Shabazz said that blacks are “too scared” to drag white people out of their homes, skin them alive, hang them in trees, drag them behind trucks and pour acid on them.

And where was Al Sharpton then? While he would never publicly condone Shabazz’s comments, one can assume he was hiding in his office, giggling like a school girl. More racial tension equals more money for his National Action Network.

Williams also has a history of infamous remarks, including her comments on a radio show during the Trayvon Martin ordeal where she claimed she was going to claim a bounty on George Zimmerman, “dead or alive.”

Of course, after making the hateful, racist comments, she uploaded an crocodile-tear-filled apology video for in response to public backlash — though it was meaningless to most, given her racist history (H/T The Blaze).

With people like Williams, Shabazz and Sharpton continually


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