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Angela Merkel Is Reviving The German Empire And Creating The Fourth Reich As Germany Allies With Turkey In The Creation Of The Revived Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat

The German military is amongst the top ten most powerful militaries on earth, and in this discourse it will be seen that it is conspiring with the Muslims with the aspiration of reviving back its evil empire, whose sinister roots go back to centuries of bloodshed, genocide and the bent to destabilize and destroy Christendom. 

In the fourth century the Germans, who had converted to the anti-Catholic heresy of Arianism (which, like Islam, denied the Divinity of Christ), tried to destroy the Catholic world in its invasion of Europe and North Africa and in its sacking of Rome. The Protestant Reformation that began in Germany advocated for the destruction of the Catholic world and for the obliteration of the seat of St. Peter. The revolution of the Reformation would lead to the Thirty Years War, the first pan-European war in which Protestant Germany and their Muslim Ottoman allies warred against Catholic Europe. This aspiration to destroy Christendom continued on in both World Wars. In the First World War, the Germans allied with the Muslim Ottomans against the whole of Europe. In the Second World War the Nazi Germans conspired with the Muslim Albanians and Bosnians, while at the same time, praising Luther, invading Catholic Poland, and working to war against the Vatican.

The Protestant population in Germany, in the words of one historian, “provided the broadest and deepest reservoir of support for the Nazi party in all social groups during its electoral triumphs in the early 1930s.” (See Richard J. Evans, The Third Reich in Power)

Now in today’s Germany, the Protestants (like Merkel and Joachim Gauck) are dominating politics, and dominating Europe through their economic superiority; working with Muslim Turkey (which is working to restore its own empire) in destabilizing Europe by absorbing masses of Muslim refugees; providing arms for Islamic terrorists in the Middle East with the intention of overthrowing Assad’s secular government in Syria, and thereby advancing the Islamic empire in the Near East; and pushing for Orthodox and Catholic countries, such as Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Hungary, to accept the Islamic refugees into their countries, who are resisting Germany’s advances. In addition to this, it is also pertinent to point out that Germany’s economic strength is due to Nazi money, made by Nazi industrialists who were pardoned by the US and its allies after the war, thus allowing and enabling Germany to become the economic empire that it is now, and this will enable Germany to become the Fourth Reich that it so desires to become. Turkey wants to restore its old empire, and is working with Germany which as well has already proven itself to be an enemy.

As the Nazis created the Muslim divisions of the SS, so the Germans today are working on training an elite army consisting of the Islamic refugees that they brought over with the thanks of Turkey.

The Bundeswehr (or, the German Army) will be training thousands of Muslim refugees in a hundred skills that will enable them to fight, kill and take over Syria, and then sending them back to Syria where they will be fighting to establish their Islamic government. The skills that the soldiers will learn varies from explosives, bomb disposal, military logistics, etc. The Germans will also be training a team of Muslims to be “management experts,” or special officers who would be parachuted into Syria to rule the country. Germany is also planning on participating in this transformation of Syria, to create what German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen called a“recognized, legitimate Syrian government”. 

The end result of this scenario is so conspicuous that one can easily prognosticate its end: these very Muslims who are the Germans are training will use the training to advance an Islamic empire. How is this even different from how when the German Nazis trained Muslims to form the Islamic divisions of the Third Reich? 


And how, then, does this differ from the times when Protestant Germany conspired with the Muslim Turks in the devastating Thirty Years War, or how they were allies with the Ottomans in WW1? Germany is lifting its veil of modernity and revealing a face of evil that has always been there, masquerading itself from the current masses.

The German government gave tens of thousands of weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition to Kurdish fighters, and those very weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS and other criminals. The very Kurdish fighters for whom the Germans supposedly provided the weapons, sold the arms illegally to terrorist criminals.  In the cities of Erbil and Sulaimaniya, for example, German weapons have been found for sale in the black market, with the letters HK, signifying the famous German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, and Bw, for the Bundeswehr, or German Army.

One ex-Kurdish Peshmerga fighter stated that the standard rifle for the German Army, the G36, once costed $4,000, but now the weapon has been incredibly reduced in price — between $1,450 and $1,800 — because there are so many. The German government provided the Kurds with 12,000 G3 rifles, 8,000 G36 rifles, and 8,000 P1 pistols. These weapons are now being distributed amongst terrorists. One German report states:

“Isis fighters are equipped with numerous G3 battle rifles from German manufacturer Heckler & Koch, as well as German Walther KKJ rifles from the 1960s, according to the report.”

You may say that the German government is innocent of this because the weapons were specified for the Kurds and not Islamist terrorists. But tell me, how could a government as sophisticated as Germany not know that this would happen? If an average citizen like myself can predict that American arms given to “moderate” rebels would end up in the hands of terrorists, then how could the government — which superintends over the whole country and determines the state of lower nations — not know of this most obvious consequence?

Moreover, the German government’s ministry of defense admitted that it doesn’t even know to which Kurdish units received the weapons. If the government’s sole objective is to give weapons to one entity alone — the Kurds — then it should know to which exact units would receive the arms. But it did not. Because arming the Kurds was not the sole objective, and one may even question if it were the objective at all. The weapons were given chaotically, because they were given with the intention to create chaos, to fuel violence and bloodshed. They were given with the knowledge that the weapons would end up into the hands of terrorists, just as the German government is going to be training these Islamic refugees deliberately knowing that they will use their training for pernicious, anti-Christian goals. 

Germany giving weapons into a military conflict was hailed by the media as the “the first time it will send weapons into an ongoing conflict since the end of World War II.” Angela Merkel, in regards to this giving of weapons, and in the attempt to sound like a protector for the defenseless, said “The immense suffering of many people cries out, and our own security interests are threatened”. And yet, even though your “security” is in such a critical dilemma, you send weapons without even knowing to which unit they would be going to. You may say that this is just a case of stupidity on the part of government, but secular governments do not do things without internal and calculative interests.

The Germans provided the Kurds with $90 million dollars worth of weaponry, which consisted of sophisticated weapons, such as anti-tank rocket launchers. With so much money spent, and given the severity and volatileness of the region to which they sent the weapons, I find it very difficult to believe the German government, that they would give so much for such a serious reason, without any serious precautions and measures to prevent weapons from going into terrorist hands. And I also am quite incredulous to the idea that Germany would send weapons without knowing that they would be given to Islamic criminals.

It would not surprise me, and nor would it be adventuresome to say, that Germany used the Kurds as a conduit by which to give weapons to criminals to further destabilize the region. Governments are infamous for creating chaos, to only make themselves the Don Quixote who will destroy the disarrayed windmills that they themselves erected. They construct the windmills and call them dragons, and then portray themselves to the people as the tough and heroic leaders who will slay these sensationalized and government funded enemies. State created enemies are what give politicians power. We already know, thanks to Putin, that there are G-20 nations who are financing and supporting ISIS, so I do not see why I must accept the excuses of the German government.

I am not open to the guile notion that we should see it as coincidence that weapons sent by Germany happen to fall into the hands of mass murdering criminals. Its not only to Muslim terrorists that German arms deals distribute their weapons, but to Mexican drug cartels as well. In 2007, the German government approved that its most powerful weapons manufacturer, Heckler & Koch (H&K), give 9,500 rifles to Mexico. Ostensibly, the German government agreed that no weapons would be sent to the Mexican states ofChiapas, Chihuahua, Guerrero and Jalisco. The supposed reason for this exception was the human rights abuses notorious in these states.

The making of this exception does not make much sense on account of the fact that human rights abuses have taken place in other states, even on major levels, especially in states like Tamaulipas where the Las Zetas have slaughtered countless lives. Regardless of this stipulation, the German weapons made their way into the hands of Mexican cartel terrorists who used them in their massacres. We know for a fact that 36 of these very German rifles were used by corrupt officers in Guerrero to open fire on a bus of students on their way to a demonstration against cartel violence. The officers, working for the cartels, took forty three of the students and handed them over to narco terrorists who then executed all of them. Two thousand Heckler & Koch rifles were found in the inventories of the Guerrero police, even though the Germans made an agreement that they would not go to Guerrero. In 2010, activist Jürgen Grässlin filed criminal charges against H&K in Stuttgart, stating:

“The consequences for Mexico will be fatal. In these first years, extremely corrupt Mexican police officers will shoot and kill demonstrators and other defenseless people with these illegally exported German assault rifles. In the years and decades to come the drug mafia there will use them after buying or taking them from the police.”


Regardless of the criminal charges, Stuttgart prosecutors have failed to bring the investigation to court. And despite the fact that Stuttgart state prosecutors have been investigating the company for four years, criminal charges have not been filed.  It was not until 2015 that the Customs Criminal Office in the German city of Cologne determined that the German arms manufacturer, Heckler and Koch, sent thousands of weapons to Mexico illegally. 

The German government tried to cover up the situation. A senior German official wrote a letter to the military urging them to find out how the information about the illegal weapons distribution got leaked out. This senior official pushed for this information only after Heckler & Koch demanded him to do so. This shows that there was indeed a deliberate cooperation between the German government, Heckler & Koch, and the government of Mexico to distribute weapons to officers of whom it would be known — by the Mexican state — that they would be working with narco terrorists to kill peaceful protestors or any dissidents.

The German government hid behind the supposed deal that they made with Mexico, that weapons cannot go to the states known for human rights abuses. But this does not substantiate that any sort of serious precautions  were made. Mexico is a narco state. Giving any weapons to Mexico will be used for the cause of the narco religion that has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the sexual enslavement of hundreds of thousands of women. Any normal citizen can study and comprehend this. The German government, with all of its intelligence, knows this reality, and did know of this reality when it gave weapons to Mexico. There is no such thing as a stupid government. There are careless governments, evil governments, desperate governments, righteous governments, but there are no stupid governments.

Heckler & Koch weapons made their way to Michoacan, which was not listed by Germany as a state that should not receive weapons. Last year it was reported that Mexican police officers in Michoacan, armed with German H&K rifles, killed sixteen members of a citizen police force and their grassroots supporters while they were protesting against the government dissolving the militia without paying their salaries and without allowing them to fight the Templars, an evangelical terrorist cartel that has conducted its reign of terror for years in Michoacan. Over a hundred people gathered together for the assembly, but it ended in bloodshed. Mexican officers screamed “Kill them like dogs” as they opened fire on them.

Mexican journalist, Humbero Padgett, has done an investigative piece on Germany’s distribution of weapons into Mexico in which he states:

Germany no longer brings the war [into its] home, but spreads it around the world. …With the arms of Heckler and Koch — a rifle, a submachine gun and a pistol born in Germany and carried by Mexicans soldiers— they [Mexican officers] have carried out dozens of extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, rape, torture and illegal detention over the past four decades.

In the small Mexican town of Tlatlaya, Mexican soldiers butchered  between 15 and 22 people; one of the victims was a 15 year old girl. They were killed with German Heckler and Koch firearms. The father of the young girl recounted:

“They left my daughter dying for an hour. Then they dragged her and her belly and legs were scraped. One of the soldiers turned. He had the gun in his waistband and he pulled it in front of her mother, the officer shot her eight or nine times on the chest.”

German weapons ended up in the hands of the Knights Templars,  a major evangelical cult that is influenced by the American evangelical writer, John Eldredge, and their founder, Nazario Moreno, an ex-Catholic who converted to American evangelical Christianity while staying in the US.

The US government elusively used Turkey as a conduit by which to distribute weapons into Syria, and thus into terrorist hands, as a way to disguise their giving of arms to criminals. The Germans are no different in this case. Germany gives these weapons to the Kurds to supposedly combat ISIS. But yet when Russia began to bomb ISIS, Germany, instead of assisting Russia, joined Turkey to go against Russia. Merkel told Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s prime minister, that she was “not just appalled but horrified” of Russia’s bombing of Syria. I did not see Merkel say that she was “not just appalled but horrified” at the fact that her government sent weapons into Syria that are now being used for terrorist objectives.

I did not see Merkel, nor any of these hitleric parasites in the German government, express any sort of objection or moral indignation against the Turkish government when the Islamic terrorists they are supporting entered the Christian Armenian town of Kessab in 2014 and killed over eighty Christians and desecrated their churches. It was quickly found out, because of a leaked conversation, that the Turkish government armed the terrorists who killed these Christians and actually orchestrated the massacre. 

Let history reveal the current reality. Turkey, a nation that orchestrated the holocaust of millions of Armenian, Assyrian and Syriac Christians, and other Christians, why would they change all of a sudden? Because they appear


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