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Do Not Ignore Pain in These Parts of Your Body – It Can Cost Your Life

Pain is a common sign that your body experiences certain difficulties and issues. Reaching for painkillers is the first thing that pops in your mind, although it fails to bring you a relief.
Ignoring this pain will cause things to get worse than they are. It’s like ignoring someone screaming for help and you do nothing about it. Researchers have determined that parts of our body can reveal the problems that are you are suffering with. Moreover, if you are dealing with persistent pain, treating your pain is an absolute ‘must’.


Consider checking your heart function if you are feel pain in your chest, right arm or even in your upper back. Be especially careful if the pain affects the left side of your body. It is just the way your body sends signals along the spinal cord.
If the pain goes up to your neck or shoulders, check your lungs and your diaphragm and speak to your doctor for further examination.

Liver and gallbladder
Pain coming from your liver and gallbladder area might suggest that you have gallstones or that your gallbladder is infected which could lead to it bursting inside your body and could lead to death if not caught on time.

Stomach and pancreas
If your pain is located in the abdominal and back area, it may be your pancreas and stomach. According to statistics, over 50% of patients with chronic pancreatitis deal with severe back pain. It is a condition you must never ignore.

Large intestine
Dealing with stabbing pain in the right part of your lower abdomen may indicate that sometimes is wrong with the large intestine. Colon and rectum malfunction is usually expressed through pain in the central area of the lower abdomen. Consult your doctor as soon as possible

Small intestine
If you are feeling pulsing pain around your navel area, you should see


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