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Watch the incredible moment baby born still INSIDE the amniotic sac takes its first breath

  • Unidentified baby’s face and hands are seen moving in the confined space
  • Amniotic sac is bag of fluid inside womb where unborn baby develops 
  • As the sac is pierced by surgical scissors, the newborn spills out of it
  • It usually breaks when a woman goes into labour, hence ‘waters breaking’ 
  • Baby can be heard crying and coughing as it takes its first breaths  

This is the incredible moment a baby who was born still inside its amniotic sac takes its first breath on camera.

The unidentified baby’s face, hands and feet were clearly visible as it lay inside its cramped home for nine months.

Curled up inside with the placenta and umbilical cord, the obstetrician can be seen wiping the amniotic sac with a cloth while saying ‘hola’ to the baby in Spanish.

Incredibly, the baby seems to respond to his touch and can be seen moving inside the enclosed space.


The amniotic sac is a bag of clear, pale fluid inside the womb where the unborn baby develops and grows.

The fluid helps to cushion the baby from bumps and injury, as well as providing it with fluids it can breathe and swallow. It also maintains a constant temperature for the baby.

Typically the amniotic sac breaks on its own during birth, which is commonly referred to as a mother’s ‘water breaking’.


Or during a C-section, the surgeon cuts through it to deliver the baby.

But in this rare case, the sac is completely in tact and has to be deliberately burst by the waiting medical team.

Excited staff can be heard cooing over the baby, which is just moments from taking its first breath in the world, caught on camera and uploaded to Facebook by Jasmine Perez.


The doctor is then passed a pair of surgical scissors and makes the tiniest incision into the protective layer.

The baby quickly spills out of the sac which


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