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ATTENTION SEEKERS: Desperate muslim ‘refugees’ try to hang themselves in Athens protest (as cameras are rolling) to gain world sympathy

  • 120,000 migrants are stranded in Greece after Macedonia shut its borders
  • Football stadiums being used to house them and hundreds queue for food
  • Yesterday, two men tried to hang themselves in protest in Athens square
  • Greek Prime Minister threatens to block EU treaties unless burden shared

Greece has warned it would not be turned into ‘warehouse of souls’ by the rest of the Europe after tens of thousands of migrants were left trapped in the country.

Two desperate men yesterday attempted to hang themselves in a square in the centre of Athens as frustrations grew with border closures that have stopped people leaving.

One of the men, a Pakistani, was left unconscious after tying a noose made from twisted lengths of fabric to a tree and was taken to hospital.


At a makeshift migrant camp in one of the capital’s suburbs, hundreds queued for food.

Greek officials estimate 20,000 migrants have been stranded there after neighbouring Macedonia abruptly shut its border on Monday to anyone not Syrian or Iraqi.

With all migrant centres full, Greek authorities have started using stadiums as temporary accommodation.

The UN’s refugee agency yesterday announced



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