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Al Sharpton Says It Should Be A Federal Crime To Shoot A Black Man, Even In Self Defense



Loony lefty race hustler extraordinaire Al Sharpton is working on providing the American people with more proof he belongs in an insane asylum after saying it should be a crime for white folk to shoot black folk, even if it’s a case of self-defense.

So basically, if you’re attacked and the aggressor is black, you should just let that person have their way with you instead of defending yourself.

This sort of thing makes perfect sense if you’re a racist like Sharpton.

From BuzzPo:

Earlier this week, the Justice Department ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge George Zimmerman with violating the civil rights of Trayvon Martin in the 2012 self defense shooting. That sparked some ludicrous words from Al Sharpton on Wednesday mornings Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Sharpton explained to Tom Joyner, “The intent to prove that Zimmerman did it because of his race, that is the legal threshold. Unless we change that legislation, we end up where we are in terms of the Trayvon Martin case. Clearly I’m disappointed. Clearly I’m sure the family is. But clearly the Justice Department


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