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COLD WAR IS BACK: Moment $60,000 American TOW missile takes on $4.5m Russian T-90 tank

  • The CIA has been supplying vetted rebel groups with American weapons
  • Mountain Hawks Brigade, fighting near Aleppo, have filmed themselves firing a TOW anti-tank missile system
  • Target was a $4.5million T-90 tank, though it is not clear if it was being operated by Russian troops or Assad’s forces
  • Video shows missile hitting the tank, before crew are forced to flee moments later, suggesting it was badly damaged by the impact
  • Video highlights dangerous proxy-war being waged between the U.S. and Russia in Syria, where a ceasefire is supposed to begin Saturday¬†

Incredible footage has emerged showing the moment a Russian T-90 battle tank was hit by a $60,000 American-made TOW missile in Syria.

Uploaded by a Syrian rebel group called Mountain Hawks Brigade, fighting near the besieged city of Aleppo in the country’s northeast, the film shows fighters coming under fire from the T-90.

As shots from the T-90’s top-mounted machine gun crack and whistle overhead, the rebels can be seen adjusting and firing the missile which hits the tank head-on, just to the right of the main gun.

While the $60,000 projectile does not destroy the tank, crew can be seen fleeing the vehicle after it hits, suggesting it was badly damaged in the explosion.



It is not clear from the footage whether the T-90 tank, which costs around $4.5million, was being operated by Russian soldiers or forces belonging to Bashar al Assad.

Whether the tank was being operated by Russians or not, it does highlight the dangerous proxy-war being waged by both America and Russia in Syria, as weapons



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