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While the native population in Europe is suffering from the influx of a horde of Muslim migrants, the local Muslim population is having its own problems with the new arrivals.

Refugees are not the problem, but the young North Africans who made the area unsafe, says Ahmet Yazici, a board member at the nearby Centrum Mosque.

With them there in his community, there is plenty of stress. It is not without reason that in the mosque prayer rooms, 14 security cameras have been installed, “They have even taken the phone from our Imam and the shoes of visitors regularly disappear during prayer times.”

While it’s not quite up there with the mass sexual assaults suffered by the indigenous population, lost shoes are an inconvenience.

Even Muslims are not too happy with the idea of lots of Muslim migrants showing up. Germany has a large Turkish Muslim population that is very nationalistic. So there is going to be friction with non-Turks. Which just adds another layer to the huge unhappy cake of multiculturalism.

Currently opposition among immigrants in Germany to migrants is higher than among the native population. Some of this can be explained by pointing to the Russian Jews and non-Jewish Eastern European population, neither of which is remotely thrilled by these events. But in some cases even Muslims appear to be unhappy with the migrant invasion.

If only because they’re losing their shoes.

Mosque shoe thefts though are a real problem in the Muslim world.

The rising number of shoe thieves in many mosques nationwide has become a more frequent complaint for Yemenis. The problem has become largely commonplace, and people say a solution can hopefully be found for this soulless problem.

“Approximately ten times, my shoes were stolen from different mosques in the capital city,” Hisham Abdulmilk, 22, said. Abdulmilk is a Sana’a governorate resident.

“I have a number of friends who complain about the same problem. All worshippers expect their shoes to be stolen, even during Ramadan.”

Some worshippers abstain from praying at mosques because


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