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Save a Man From a Stroke Only With a Needle!

You can save a person who is having a stroke with a needle. This is advised by a Chinese doctor. He tells people to keep a sewing needle or a syringe needle in their house.
This is an incredible and unusual method to save a person who is having a stroke. Share this advice and you may save someone’s life! Read this since you can never know when you will need to aid a person having a brain attack.


When a man is having a stroke, the brain capillaries are affected. The person needs immediate medical attention.

Meanwhile, you have to be calm. Don’t move the person, since the capillaries may burst and bleeding in the brain will occur. You should take a syringe needle, or a sewing needle if you don’t have a syringe needle, and help the person having a stroke.

1. Hold the needle above a candle or a lighter to sterilize it, and then prick the tips of all the 10 fingers of the person.
2. There are no special instructions on how to perform the pricking, you should only prick the skin several millimeters from the nail.
3. Prick the skin so that blood starts to appear.
4. If there is no blood, press the finger until blood appears.
5. When you do this to all the 10 fingers, the person

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