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Yellowstone super volcano ‘could erupt in 2016’ and wipe out the Earth


A book written by a revered Italian geologist Mario Tozzi explains what could happen if it exploded this year.

Tozzi’s Pianeta Terra Ultimo Atto – which translates to Planet Earth, The Last Act – suggests the volcanic caldera may awaken in 2016 and have disastrous consequences for the rest of the globe.

The author’s book – set in 2019 – covers a scenario after the super volcano erupts between now and the end of the year.

Tozzi envisages the volcano exploding and covering the United States – and potentially leading to catastrophic disaster around the world.

It may stand thousands of miles away from us in the UK but a natural disaster on this scale will have potential apocalyptic consequences for humanity.

It predicts a temperature change in the years following, leading to a reduction of polar ice caps and a rise in sea level – submerging Venice, New York and London.

The El Nino weather phenomenon will be intensified as a result and water will become a scarce commodity.

It was already warned the rising temperatures around


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