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If You Have One of These Symptoms You Are Being Poisoned Without Even Being Aware of it

Numerous people are constantly being subjected to mold toxins, and are not even aware of it, as a mold is a silent killer. It can grow under the floor, in the corners of your walls, behind them or even in the food you consume.

The exposure to mold can have serious health consequences, and lead to numerous diseases. We can consume these toxins through swallowing, breathing or touch.

You should never underestimate the capacity of mold as it can have even deadly consequences. At times, even doctors cannot specify the reason for a health issue, and it lies in the exposure to mold.


Some mold types release invisible poisonous chemicals called mycotoxins, which are difficult, but not impossible, to be eliminated. Mycotoxins pollute your living space, and even the furniture in your home and office, as well as your clothes.

As soon as they enter your body, these dangerous toxins cause significant damage to your joints, nervous and immune system, and may impede your emotions, thinking and even the length of your life.

Apart of the mycotoxins, mold can also generate allergens and irritants which lead to irritability, which may vary due to the sensitivity of the affected person.

One study suggests that 25 to 28% of people in the US are genetically predisposed to have moisture issues.

However, the symptoms of the mold intoxication are similar to the ones of numerous other diseases like fibromyalgia, as  chronic fatigue syndrome, celiac disease, Lyme disease, and due to this, it is often difficult to be diagnosed.

These are the most common symptoms of mold intoxication:

  • food sensitivity
  • joint pain
  • mood swings
  • weight fluctuation
  • blurred vision
  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • autoimmune diseases
  • headaches
  • numbness and tingling
  • cognitive problems
  • inflammatory problems, especially lung issues
  • sleep disorders
  • sensitivity to light

Moreover, in the case of a weakened immune


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