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Five Months in Syria: Russia Has Made History

In five short months, Russia has turned the tide in Syria and forged a new international order


Al-Masdar News has published a brief but compelling article highlighting the Syrian army’s achievements since Russia entered the conflict back in September. The Russians have only been in Syria for five months, but they’ve completely changed the course of the war:

Exactly 5 months ago, on 30 September 2015, the Russian airforce began its bombardment on ISIS fighters and various Islamist rebel groups across Syria. Subsequently, government forces have been able to gain considerable ground in especially the provinces of Lattakia, Daraa and Aleppo. The latter governorate quickly witnessed a change of momentum and upper hand as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched three different offensives in separate directions from the provincial capital itself.

The future of Syria is still uncertain, but one thing is absolutely clear: Russia has saved the Syrian people from western-backed slaughter. Moscow’s ability to prevent a US-imposed “no fly zone” over Syria quite literally saved the entire country: As a Russian diplomat revealed, western powers predicted that a “no fly


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