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Humanitarian Relocation of Arabs may be Israel’s only Remaining Option

By Richard Mather

Consideration should be given even to the heroic remedy of transfer of populations […] the hardship of moving is great, but it is less than the constant suffering of minorities and the constant recurrence of war – US president Herbert Hoover, 1943.

The relentless murder of Israeli Jews and the irreparable collapse of the peace process means that Israel and the international community must now consider the “heroic remedy” of population transfer. After decades of terrorism, it is clear that the majority of Arabs in Judea-Samaria and east Jerusalem are incapable of living alongside their Jewish neighbours. The failure of the Oslo Accords, the rampant criminality inside the Palestinian Authority, as well as decades of Islamic terrorism and anti-Semitic incitement, clearly demonstrate that Jews cannot afford the liberal luxury of uninhibited co-existence with an Arab population that clings to the fascistic and immoral ideology of Palestinianism.

It is important to remember that Palestinianism is not a genuine liberation movement. It is an anti-Semitic strategy designed to undermine the legitimacy and security of the Jewish state. The invention of Palestinianism – which is symbolised by the invention of the Nakba and the ambition to divide Jerusalem – is a political tool intended to undermine Israel’s existence and security. The absurd notion that the “Palestinians” are the indigenous people of a country called “Palestine” is a fabrication designed to undermine the moral and legal foundations of the world’s only Jewish state. The Arabs have rejected the possibility of peaceful co-existence with Jews and it’s pointless to pretend otherwise.

Since the start of the 21st century, the Palestinian Arabs have had three major opportunities to establish an independent state. Yasser Arafat walked away from the Camp David talks in 2000 despite being promised 92 per cent of the so-called West Bank, 100 per cent of Gaza and east Jerusalem. Talks held in Taba in 2001 also broke down due to Arafat’s irrational insistence that the Palestinians control the Western Wall. A resolution was also put forward by the Israelis in 2008, in which the Arabs would receive Gaza, the majority of the West Bank, parts of east Jerusalem, safe passage between the West Bank and Gaza, and the dismantling of settlements in the Jordan Valley and eastern Samaria. Unfortunately, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas did not give a final response on the matter and negotiations ended.

Instead of agreeing to any of these generous proposals, Arafat and Abbas have provoked – or sponsored – terror attacks against Israeli (and other Western) civilians. They have repeatedly called for the destruction of the Jewish state and have manipulated Western guilt over the Holocaust by casting themselves as the “new Jews” deserving of sympathy and foreign aid. Instead of planning for the future, Arab schoolteachers and television programmes teach children to hate and kill Jews. Meanwhile, Arab terrorists behave like “wild beasts,” roaming the country looking for Jews to stab. The situation is intolerable and cannot be allowed to continue. There is only option left on the table – and that is the transfer of the Arab population out of east Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria.

Back in 2009, Daniel Pipes, a respected Middle East commentator, opposed the idea of “transfer,” that is, forcibly moving Arabs out of Judea and Samaria. Pipes claimed it was “morally wrong” because “a government cannot force people to leave their homes only because they speak the wrong language, have the wrong faith, or pursue the wrong politics.” Yes, it is true that language is not a good reason to expel the Arabs. But he is wrong to suggest that religion and political beliefs are not relevant. On the contrary, the religion of Islam and the anti-Semitic politics of Palestinianism and Arab nationalism are the driving forces behind the murder of innocent Jews. Until Palestinianism is snuffed out in Ramallah, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus and Jericho, the murder of men, women and children will continue unabated.

Pipes’ second objection is that forced expulsion would “turn Israelis against their state” and that some Israelis would leave Israel. Good. If radical left-wing anti-Zionist Israelis want to leave Israel, let them do so. Does Israel need people like Ezra Nawi, a Jewish far-left activist and a convicted statutory rapist who helps Palestinian authorities find and kill Arabs who sell land to Jews? Does Israel need people like Gideon Levy, a Haaretzjournalist who supports the economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel? If such people want to leave Israel, let them leave. Dissent is one thing but supporting an enemy entity that wishes to destroy the Jewish homeland is treason.

Pipes’ third objection is that forced expulsion of the Arabs would infuriate the United States. He has a point, but isn’t America already hostile to the State of Israel? Obama has thrown Israel under the bus on several occasions. Who’s


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