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Cologne is a warning sign of what is coming to Europe. The Islamic attitude toward women is a Pakistani or Egyptian problem for now. But it’s becoming a European and American problem due to migration.

What was a distant horror in Pakistan yesterday, is a nearby horror in our cities and towns today and a permanent reality tomorrow.

In 2011 in the area of Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia) two Pakistanis were killed because they had violated Islamic law: they had worn swimsuits on the beach. Condemning them was the imam of Zingonia (Bergamo) Muhammad Zulkifal, a member of a cell of Al Qaeda with its operational base in Olbia. Zulkifal has always claimed “the role of moral guardian of the community and the right to inflict exemplary punishment to enforce divine law.”

The double murder was accidentally discovered by investigators, thanks to an interception in 2012. Two foreigners, never identified, had asked a Lodi photographer to extract images from a mobile phone. Once at work, the man had found the photos sought by the two, depicting a young Pakistani woman with her face swollen, her arms amputated at the elbows and legs to the knees. The limbs were placed close to the body, “according to the technique used by the Taliban” the investigators had highlighted.

The imam was only arrested in April last year and today the trial was reopened in Sassari before the Assize Court. The investigations have uncovered that Zulkifal is part of an organization responsible for the bloody massacre in 2009 in a market in Peshawar (Pakistan) that caused the death of 100 civilians. The terrorist cell to which he belongs, despite being based in Olbia, also has great influence in Pakistan.

This took place in Italy. Not Pakistan, not Afghanistan, Europe. This nightmare is inside the West. And it’s getting worse.

In a September 9, 2011 Zulkifal said: “Taking a photo you could better position the throat of the corpse … you had to take pictures so you can see even the chest. This thing is great …. ” And in the next interception, the imam was referring to movements on the territory of Brescia, the “trunk of a car” and to a “corpse placed in the ground.”

They do love to stage their massacres in September. This interview


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