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Russia: The 4-year-old girl who was brutally decapitated in her cot for Allah

A Muslima runs around Moscow in broad daylight with a child’s cut head in her hand, screaming Allahu-Akbarand no one does anything for more than an hour… The word apathy comes to mind. If this is truly how selfish and callous the Russians are, they have a serious problem on their hands. It means they simply do not care at all what is going on around them. No wonder the Muslim population has become astronomical in Russia. So much so they claim that in another ten years half of the Russian army will be Muslim.

The mother passed out when she found out how her toddler met her end in her cot.

‘Nanny’ detained in Moscow carrying ‘severed head of 4-year-old girl’

Local media reports say police tried to check the woman’s papers and she responded by taking the head out of her bag.


Police have arrested a woman who was waving the severed head of a small child outside a Moscow subway station.

The reports cite law enforcement sources and eyewitnesses. Videos posted on Russian news websites show the woman dressed all in black and shouting “I am a terrorist,” although most of what she says is incomprehensible.

The Investigative Committee released a statement saying a woman was arrested Monday on suspicion of killing a child aged 3 or 4 in an apartment near the metro station in northwestern Moscow and then setting the apartment on fire. The statement said the woman was believed to be the nanny.

The official report did not link the two incidents.

The investigators said the woman appeared to be mentally unstable.

[The child, who has been identified as Anastasia (Nastya) Meshcheryakova, whose nanny Gyulchehra Bobokulova is thought to have killed her.]


Heavy police presence at station

A large number of police are on the ground at October’s Fields station, where the incident took place, as life in Moscow goes gradually back to normal.

The suspect is in police custody.

A police officer stands at a police cordon at the Oktyabrskoye Pole Station on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow Metro A police officer stands at a police cordon at the Oktyabrskoye Pole Station on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow Metro Photo: Corbis


Footage shows suspect tackled to ground

Dramatic video footage of the incident shows one policeman charge at the woman before a group of policemen tackle her to the ground. A round object is seen rolling away as the woman falls.

Various Russian media reports say the victim’s mother was rushed to the hospital in an unconscious state upon hearing the news.


‘No explosives found on suspect’

Allison Quinn writes:

Police say they found no explosives in the suspect’s possession, but the Federal Security Service has cordoned off the metro station to check for bombs in the area, the Interfax news agency reported.

Yulia Ivanova, an official spokesperson for Moscow’s Interior Ministry, said the 39-year-old suspect “had waited until the parents left with the older child, and for unknown reasons committed murder of the child, set the apartment on fire and left the scene of the crime.”

A criminal case on the charge of murdering a child has been opened into the matter, Ivanova said, adding that investigators were now trying to determine the suspect’s motives.


Nanny ‘waited until parents left apartment and killed the child’ – investigators

Russia’s Investigative Committee has issued a statement saying they believe the suspect is a nanny in her 30s. She was babysitting the victim, they said.

The suspect is understood to have waited until the parents left the apartment, then killed the girl and removed her head, investigators added. She then set the apartment on fire.


Suspect was “drugged”

Interfax reports that the woman was “drugged”, citing police sources.

Graphic video footage of the incident has emerged online where the woman brandishes the head, points to the sky with her finger, and reportedly shouts “I am a terrorist” according to Russia Today, who say they have translated her comments.


Suspect named locally as Gyulchekhra Bobokulova

The woman has been identified as a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan named Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, LifeNews reported, citing undisclosed sources close to the situation.

Another child had also been in the suspect’s care but had left earlier in the morning with her parents.


Incident ‘not being treated as terror related’

Police are not currently classifying the incident as terrorism, writes Allison Quinn in Moscow.

A witness to the horrific scene described how it unfolded on Russia’s TV Rain: “I came out of the shopping center and they tried to not let me through. There were a bunch of people there, running, screaming “bomb, bomb.”

“I saw that a woman was walking near the Oktyabrskoye Polye metro, near the road, all in black. She had not even some kind of bundle, but a head. Maybe it was a child’s head, like they were whispering in the crowd. She was shouting something,” said Muscovite Alyona Kuratova.

Russian Muslim nanny cuts the head off child 4


Woman ‘walked around for an hour’ before police stopped her

Witnesses told Russian media the woman had been walking around the metro station for more than an hour before police stopped her, reports the Telegraph’s Allison Quinn.


Russian Interior Ministry: head belongs to a 4-year-old girl who was being babysat by suspect

The Telegraph’s Allison Quinn writes:

Russia’s Interior Ministry confirmed in a statement that the suspect had been brandishing a real human head, that of a child, thought to be a four-year-old girl whom the woman had been babysitting nearby.

Earlier on Monday, police reported finding a child’s body at the scene of a fire in an apartment block near the same metro station, Oktyabrskoye Polye. It is thought that the fire may have been set to hide evidence of the crime.

The woman, as yet unidentified but described by witnesses as wearing all black, was approached by police, who asked to check her documents, a standard routine in Moscow. The woman responded by yanking the head out of her purse and threatening to detonate an explosive device, according to LifeNews.


Suspect ‘is a nanny’

Russia’s news website RBC reports that the woman detained at October’s Fields metro station holding a child’s severed head is a nanny.


Scene cordoned off and woman in policy custody, officials say

It remains unclear whether the incident is terror-related.


Headless ‘body discovered in Moscow apartment’ – Russian media

According to Russian news website RBC, police found a headless child’s body in an apartment in Moscoe after a fire. The apartment is close to October’s Fields, the metro station where the woman was detained this morning.


Woman shouted “Allahu Akbar” – local reports

A woman has been detained in Moscow after brandishing a severed child’s head at police when they tried to check her papers, according to local media reports.

She is alleged to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” after revealing the head to police.

Russian Muslim nanny Gyulchehra Bobokulova cuts the head of child


and more from the DailyMail:

‘I could see that she had hair in her hands or something like that.

‘She was waving this thing and screaming something and drawing some shapes in the air.

‘This woman either had a birthmark or a wart on her right cheek. It was a distinctive feature because she was dressed in entirely in black.

‘I realised it wasn’t a wig as I thought initially, but a head – that’s why blood was dripping on her shoes and skirt.

‘I stopped, had a cigarette, tried to get my breath back to normal because I was so shocked.’

She claimed a security guard and two policeman missed the chance to detain her.

Alexandra added: ‘People ran away from her. I saw five people fleeing. And no one tried to stop her – not security guards at a cafe, nor at a shop.

‘One of the guards who saw her, ran to the building to tell someone about her. He didn’t try to do anything on his own.’

‘I heard her yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ at least three times. And hitting herself on her chest.

‘She was yelling something in her language. She ran to a cafe and


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