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The mystery ‘meteor’ that turned night into day: Giant fireball lights up the horizon across Scotland and leaves onlookers terrified

  • Thousands of people saw hug flash of light from Inverness to Edinburgh
  • Light followed by rolling bang that some thought was satellite sonic boom 
  • Twitter lit up with speculation over the event, which made ground shake
  • Police and the MoD said they were unaware of what could have caused it  

This is the moment a suspected meteor lit up the sky over Scotland last night and terrified the population below.

People from Inverness to Edinburgh reported a white, red or blue light that swept across the skyline at around 6.45pm last night.

Witnesses described a rumbling noise lasting up to ten seconds before the pitch black Scottish evening turned bright white and a fireball swept across the horizon.

Kim Paterson of Brechin, Angus, tweeted: ‘Proper massive rumble, ground shaking, folk seeing the sky flash… is this the end?!’

Police Scotland said it received a number of 999 calls and confirmed it was likely to be a meteor while the Met Office confirmed there had been no thunder storms over Scotland.


There were suggestions it could have been a sonic boom from an aircraft or a flare from a satellite.

There were no reports of aircraft in distress, while the MoD said it was unaware of any events in the area – but would not comment on claims it was linked to an aircraft.

Astronomers last night said it was most likely to be a meteor burning up as it came into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere.

The meteor is likely to have burned up but people



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