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Episcopal Church hosts a muslim speaker, who is there to dispel all of the MISCONCEPTIONS about Islam

There are sessions like this one all over the country all the time: a kindly Muslim goes to a church and dispels the “misconceptions” about Islam held by the assembled Christians, explaining to them that contrary to appearances (which are fabricated by the “Islamophobic” mainstream media, doncha know), Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that respects women’s rights. The eternal question: does Robert Azzi or any of the other Muslims like him ever go to mosques and dispel “misconceptions” about Islam there? After all, there have been Muslims from the U.S. who have gone to join the Islamic State, and other Muslims who support it while staying here. What is Robert Azzi doing, and what are others like him doing, to dispel their “misconceptions” about Islam? It is all very well for the members of All Saints’ Episcopal Church to go away with their “misconceptions” corrected, but if by some mischance any of the attendees still cling to those “misconceptions,” no harm will be done. However, if young Muslims hold what Azzi would doubtless term “misconceptions” about Islam, people could get killed. Wouldn’t it be wiser for him, therefore, to spend his time speaking to young Muslims rather than Episcopalians? Unless, of course, his agenda is actually something different from the stated one.

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“‘Ask a Muslim Anything’ forum held in Peterborough,” by Meghan Pierce, New Hampshire Union Leader, February 28, 2016:

PETERBOROUGH — Arab American Muslim Robert Azzi answered questions for close to two hours at an event dubbed “Ask a Muslim Anything” in Peterborough on Sunday afternoon.

About 100 people attended the forum held at All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Reynolds Hall, on Concord Street.

Azzi is a photojournalist and columnist based in Exeter. He has spent several decades working in and writing about the Middle East. A few years ago, Azzi began writing and speaking about Islam to dispel misconceptions about his faith and to create understanding.

A longtime friend of his, the Rev. Jamie Hamilton from All Saints’ Episcopal Church, moderated the discussion.

“I went to him when I was trying to understand Islam and he gave me some great books to read,” Hamilton said….

Let me guess: John Esposito. Karen Armstrong. Reza Aslan.

“It’s obviously a need. People want to come. We had about 100 people at Mariposa the night before, too. He did a history of Muslim Americans and then followed it up with some questions,” she said.

On Sunday, one woman asked Azzi about the oppression of woman in Muslim countries, and if that comes from the religion of Islam.

“There is only two verses in the Quran that deal with a woman’s attire, or a person’s attire,” he said.

The first deals only with the wives of the Prophet, he said. The second deals with modesty, but is directed toward both men and women.

“How do you define modesty? It is going to just above the cleavage to the knees. And that was incumbent upon both men and woman. So you didn’t get to show your six-pack,” he said, getting a laugh out of the crowd.

Over the centuries, however, coming to a peak in the 14th century, the scriptures were primarily interpreted by men.

“One of the things that we have to understand about that is that it was only men interpreting scripture for men,” he said.

And more often than not, these men interpreted scripture in a way that reinforced patriarchal power in their society.

Azzi said he would argue that the poor treatment


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