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ISIS executes 8 Dutch jihadists for ‘incitement’…LOLOL ENSUES


Families of Dutch jihadists in Syria are desperately trying to verify reports that eight fighters from the Netherlands have been executed by ISIS terrorist group and dozens more have been imprisoned – because one of the terrorists wanted to return home.

The national terrorism co-ordinator in the Netherlands, Dick Schoof, said that although he did not have reliable intelligence that could confirm or deny the conflicting accounts emerging from Syria, the confrontation as described did “fit with ISIS methods”.

If the executions and detentions did, in fact, take place, they represent perhaps the most significant rift between ISIS and European terrorists since Western jihadists began to join the war against Syrian president Bashar-al-Assad in 2011.

Tensions between ISIS intelligence agents from Iraq and the Dutch “brigade”, based in a compound at al-Furusiya, near Raqqa, are reported to have been worsening for some time – coming to a head last week when three of the Dutch were arrested for interrogation and one was beaten to death.

According to the usually reliable citizen group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), ISIS then sent a “negotiator” to talk to the Dutch, and he was killed in revenge, prompting the decision to round up the entire group and detain them in two locations, Maadan and Tabaqa.

Eight of the Dutch terrorists are reported to have been “executed” in Maadan last Friday, after being accused of “attempted desertion and mutiny”. The remainder, variously put at between 60 and 75, were imprisoned.

The father of one Dutch jihadist from the city of Delft said he had been trying without success to contact his son since the reports emerged – though he said contact could often be difficult because all communications were monitored by ISIS.

Reports of the executions have been challenged by the UK-based activist organisation the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which said “reliable sources” within ISIS had described them


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