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Now that Canada is led by one of the world’s most naive liberals, ISIS openly sets its sights on…DUH, CANADA


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government may be less concerned about the threat posed to Canada by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria than the previous Conservative government, but it’s clear the terrorists haven’t forgotten about us.

Indeed, as Stewart Bell of the National Post reported Monday, Canadian authorities believe ISIS has formed a terrorist cell in Syria devoted to reaching out to potential English-speaking terrorists through social media, with a specific desk officer assigned to Canada.

The advantage to ISIS of recruiting allies among natural born Canadians is obvious.

It’s because spontaneous “lone wolf” attacks by radicalized Canadians are far harder for our security forces to detect and prevent in advance than attacks by foreign fighters trying to sneak into Canada.

All ISIS has to do is troll the Internet for Canadians whose Twitter or Facebook posts suggest, for whatever reason, a profound hatred for Canada, inciting them to act on these feelings and offering to help them do so.

It doesn’t matter that the vast majority of these social media encounters between ISIS and deranged or hate-filled Canadians may come to nothing, or be intercepted by our security forces before an attack is actually carried out.

All ISIS has to do is succeed one time in 100, or for that matter one time in 1,000, for the operation to be deemed a success.

Let’s not forget that one lone wolf Canadian-born


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