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Revealed: How ‘Palestinian’ terrorists tortured Israeli hostages before 1972 Munich Olympic massacre – including castrating one athlete while others watched

  • Grisly facts are being revealed in documentary, Munich 1972 & Beyond 
  • Follows the story of the 11 Israelis who were kidnapped and killed 
  • Weightlifter Yossef Romano was tortured and castrated in the hotel  
  • He and one of the other hostages were killed before they left 
  • For 20 hours, German authorities tried desperately to get them out
  • But they were killed during a botched rescue attempt at a nearby airport
  • Romano’s widow, Illna, has seen pictures of the mutilation he suffered 

Palestinian terrorists who killed Israeli Olympians at the 1972 Games beat and tortured the victims and even castrated one of the hostages while his teammates watched.

The horrifying new details of the cruelty the 11 athletes went through have been revealed by Ankie Spitzer and Illna Romano, the widows of two men who were slain in the massacre.

Documents and photographs after the deadly attack on the Olympic Village, which went on for 20 hours, were initially covered up by German police.

But the true extent of the horrors is now being made public for a new documentary, Munich 1972 & Beyond.


Relatives of the victims found out the grisly details of their loved ones’ deaths in the 1990s, and have shared the information for the new film.

Mrs Romano’s husband Yossef, a weightlifter, was one of the captives killed in the early stages of the brutal massacre.

She told the New York Times: ‘What they did is that they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him.

‘Can you imagine the nine others sitting around tied up? They watched this.’

Weightlifter Yossef Romano was mutilated and tortured by Palestinian terrorists during the attack

She added that the photographs were ‘as bad I could have imagined’.

‘The moment I saw the photos, it was very painful,’ she added.

‘I remembered until that day Yossef as a young man with a big smile. I remembered his dimples until that moment.’

‘At that moment, it erased the entire Yossi that I knew,’ she said.

All 11 athletes were killed after eight gunman from the militant group Black September, a Palestinian organization responsible for nearly a dozen plots in the early 1970s, stormed the Isareli team’s hotel rooms.

Five of the gunmen were killed by German security as they tried to escaped, while three more were put in prison.

The three who survived were put in a German prison but released by the authorities and sent to Libya after Black September supporters hijacked a plane and demanded to blow it up unless they were let go.

The three survivors – Jamal Al-Gashey, Adnan Al-Gashey, and Mohammed Safady – went into hiding for years.

It is unclear what became of them. Adnan Al-Gashey and Safady died, but it is not clear whether they were assassinated by Israel or died of other causes.

Jamal Al-Gashey was alive in 1999, when he gave an interview, but what became of him after is unclear.

Mrs Spitzer, whose husband was Israeli fencing coach Andrew Spitzer, explained why she wants the full story to be known.

According to the New York Daily News, she told filmmaker Steven Ungerleider: ‘I think you all should know this was not just a hostage story and horrific murder in the Olympic Village – there was torture, our husbands were beaten, and God knows what else.’

Mr Romano, a champion weight lifter, was shot when he tried to overpower the terrorists early in the attack.

He was left to die in front of the other hostages and castrated. It is not clear whether this happened before or after he died.

Other hostages were beaten and sustained serious injuries, including broken bones, Mrs Spitzer told the New York Times.

Mr Romano and another hostage died in the Olympic Village.

Nine more were killed during a failed rescue attempt after they were moved with their captors to a nearby airport.

Mrs Spitzer told the Times: ‘The terrorists always claimed that they didn’t come to murder anyone – they only wanted to free their friends from prison in Israel.

‘They said it was only because of the botched-up rescue operation at the airport that they killed the rest of the hostages, but it’s not true. They came to hurt people. They came to kill.’

Mrs Spizter said they constantly pushed for more information on the attack to be released, but the German authorities refused – telling them there was nothing.

Their quest to get more details took a turn



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