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She Buys Gallons Of Coke Every Spring, But Not To Drink. The Reason Is Genius!


The glow of the springtime sun is a beautiful thing. It melts the muddy snow, brings flowers into bloom, and as it streams through your open windows, it illuminates the thick layer of grime, gunk, and grit covering every surface of your home.

That’s right. It’s that time of year again. Whip out the mop, grab your bucket, and cry some anguished tears, because it’s time for spring cleaning.

But not to worry! We here at LittleThings are full of nifty tips and tricks — like how to save tons of money on laundry detergent — and we’ve done some homework on how to make your spring cleaning a breeze!

These handy tricks won’t just save you time, but money, too! No need for fancy products or high-tech cleaning devices. With items you most likely have around your house, you’ll have your home sparkling in a jiffy.

For a springtime tune that’s sure to inspire you, be sure to play the video at the end. Please SHARE if you enjoyed these helpful tips!



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