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Rare Biblical Sheep May Return Home to Israel


An Israeli couple is trying to restore the breed of four-horned, speckled sheep herded by Jacob in the Bible.


Biblical sheep? Sounds pretty mythical, right? Wrong. An Israeli couple has been working on a project to resurrect a real breed of sheep thought to have been kept by Jacob, he of Book of Genesis fame.

The breed, now extremely rare, originated in Israel but have been gone for about two millennia. They are recognized by their “piebald” (black and white speckled) coloring, small stature, and the distinctive number of horns on their heads, which can range from two to six but most often number at four.

Jenna and Gil Lewinsky, the couple in question, have been fighting against the red tape of bureaucracy to import a flock of the Ovis aries, of which there are only about 5,000 worldwide. The Ministry of Agriculture in Israel initially forbade


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