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‘They won’t disappear’: Refugees flee to safer parts of Calais ‘Jungle’ amid demolition, breaking the law yet again

As the demolition of the Calais migrant camp enters its third day, migrants, forced from their “homes” face great uncertainty about where to go next. RT’s correspondent Polly Boiko has talked to some of them about their “plans”.

Smoldering logs, debris, burned down or set-ablaze shelters are all part of the scenery at the Calais “Jungle” camp. Realizing that its demolition is inevitable, migrants are still refusing to move away from the camp. Many refugees remain desperate to get to Britain, which is why they are refusing accommodation in official asylum centers, where they fear they will be forced to claim asylum in France.

Although the southern part of the camp is on the verge of complete disappearance, many migrants are hoping to “buy time” and move to the northern part, which has not yet fallen under the demolition plans, Polly Boiko reports.

“They are evacuating this part going to the north end…but there’s no actual eviction deadline. So there’s always this dream that’s buying time, so they can try to get to the UK,” volunteer John Campbell told RT.

The demolition process began on Monday and resulted in numerous clashes between riot police and asylum seekers. Monday and Tuesday were reportedly rather “chaotic” as some migrants threw stones and others set shacks on fire in defiance of the authority’s decision to get rid of the camp. A number of asylum seekers climbed the roofs of their shelters hoping to slow down the demolition process. Tear gas, and water cannon were deployed by the police to keep the migrants out of the camp area. The third day of the demolition process was reported to be calmer, compared to the previous two days.

On Wednesday, some migrants have sewed their mouths in


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