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France threatens the UK with drowning them in muslim ‘refugees’ if the UK goes forward with their exit from the European Union

  • Francois Hollande claims he doesn’t want to scare anyone with his warning
  • But amid a new scaremongering row, the PM denies there is a ‘conspiracy’ 
  • France threatened to relocate thousands of migrants from Calais ‘Jungle’ 
  • French economy minister claimed Brexit would provoke France into move 
  • But Out campaign insists the move has been orchestrated to scare voters

French president Francois Hollande today warned Britain would face ‘consequences’ over immigration if quits the EU amid a row over the ‘Jungle’ migrant camp.

Mr Hollande’s economy minister declared a treaty stopping migrants reaching Calais would be torn up after a Brexit vote prompting claims Boris Johnson and other Leave campaigners of an orchestrated scare campaign.

But at a joint press conference with David Cameron following a Franco-British summit, Mr Hollande repeated warnings to the British people – but claimed he did not want to ‘scare people’.

Following claims today’s row was a ‘stitch up’, Mr Cameron was forced to deny a ‘David Icke-style giant conspiracy’ to keep Britain in the EU.


Mr Hollande said: ‘I don’t want to scare you, I just want to tell the truth. There would be consequences in many areas of the single market, of economic development.

‘There will be consequences especially affecting the way we handle the situation in terms of immigration.

‘There is no situation where there is no consequences.’

Mr Cameron said: ‘Of course you can say this is all some giant conspiracy, some sort of David Icke-style … It’s just nonsense.

‘The best thing to do is to listen to the arguments, to listen to what people are saying, and to understand some of the risks and some of the uncertainties about leaving the European Union.’

The Prime Minister also announced Britain would spend another £17million helping the French deal with the migrant camps.

Amid claims from Mr Johnson and other senior Conservatives the row had been staged to conicide with the trip to France, Mr Cameron insisted there was no ‘conspiracy’ to keep Britain in the EU.

No 10 earlier insisted the first they knew of Economy minister Emmanuel Macron intervention was when it appeared on the front page of the financial times this morning.

Britain and France have a bilateral borders agreement in the Le Touquet agreement which places all border controls on the French side of the Channel.

Mr Macron said: ‘The day this relationship unravels, migrants will no longer be in Calais.’

London Mayor Mr Johnson dismissed the claims today, quipping in French ‘Donnez-moi un break’ – ‘give me a break’.

Britain and France signed the Le Touquet treaty in 2003 amid tensions over the number of people in camps at Calais.

The deal was the latest in a series that allowed Britain to carry out border checks on the French side of the Channel – meaning papers were checked there and vehicles inspected.

British officials are based on the French side of the channel and cooperation around the eurotunnel terminal was stepped up last summer as the numbers trying to break into the tunnel grew.

Scrapping the deal could see British border checks brought back to the English side of the Channel – potentially allowing people to reach the Kent shore to set up camp while awaiting processing.

There are currently around 7,000 people at the camps with ‘roads’ handed British-styled names such as Queen Elizabeth II Street.

Mr Johnson added: ‘You have to wonder about the timing of this intervention.’

Mr Jenkin today dismissed the claim as ‘propaganda’ and the latest example of scaremongering from the Remain camp.

He said the intervention was directly linked to today UK-France summit, with Mr Cameron and the French president due to sit down for talks with security top of the agenda.

Mr Jenkin told the BBC: ‘What we have now is propaganda being produced at the request of the British Government.’

The eurosceptic MP insisted it would not be in ‘anyone’s interest’ for the treaty on border controls to be torn up.

He added that warnings about Brexit ‘rather discredits the idea we have got an impartial diplomatic service’.

Mr Davis, a spokesman for the Grassroots Go campaign, said: ‘I am afraid that this looks like a stitch up between the British Prime Minister and the French President.

‘Mr Cameron has already sought to alarm the country by saying the Calais migrant camp could move to Kent if we quit the EU.

‘Now the French finance minister Emmanuel Macron looks like he is playing the same game. Project Fear has a new recruit.’

He added: ‘The British people are unlikely to be impressed with this latest round of blackmail threats and even less impressed by the British government’s collusion.

‘If he means this referendum to be held in good faith, it is the Prime Minister’s duty to respect the people’s decision, and therefore to obtain the best outcomes for Britain whatever that decision is.

‘At his meeting today in Amiens with President Hollande, the Prime Minister should remind him that the Le Touquet agreement is nothing to do with the EU and is an arrangement between the two countries.

‘Is France now saying it wants to tear up the deal?’

Mr Davis said it was ‘nonsense’ that Brexit would lead to a surge in immigration – insisting the vote was the only way to restore control over British borders.

Tory MP James Cleverley insisted the claims over Calais were ‘Project Fear (International Edition)’ as he dismissed the claim as further scaremongering.

Mr Cameron sparked a fierce row earlier this year when



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