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SHMUCKS: German Cafes Stop Their Selling World Famous Pork Sausages to Spare Muslim ‘Refugees’ Feelings

Members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party criticized the initiative and are planning to control that pork is further available at work and university canteens, the article said.


“The protection of minorities — including for religious reasons — must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration,” representative of the party, Daniel Gunther said.

According to the politician, those who want to refrain from eating pork can do so, but it does not mean that meat should disappear from all menus.

The consumption of pork is a part of the German culture, he said, strictly opposing the new initiative.
Earlier it was reported that more and more German residents support the introduction of restrictions on the inflow of refugees to the country. The growing


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