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What’s That Weird, White String Inside A Raw Egg?

The egg: One of the most basic staples in the American diet.

You’ve probably cracked one open over a frying pan for breakfast, whisked a few into flour to make a birthday cake, or maybe you’ve gone full-on Rocky and chugged those babies raw.

But no matter how many times you’ve handled a raw egg, one thing has left you, at the very least, mildly perplexed: What the heck is that white, gooey, ropey thing that’s hanging onto the yolk?

It’s time you met the chalaza. (Pronounced: cuh-lay-zuh.)

Relax. Despite its weird ropey appearance, it is not an umbilical cord.

The chalazae (plural) can be found on two sides of the yolk and their main purpose is to hold the yolk at the center of the egg — like little anchors.

Because the cords, which are a special form of protein, are



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