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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Europe’s Politicians Moving to Ban Islam and Close Down Mosques?

The Netherlands had had the voice of Geert Wilders speaking out against the Islamization of the Dutch country for years. Another member of Geert Wilders’s Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), Machiel de Graaf, spoke out and saying, “We must close all mosques and start deporting Muslims.”

“Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful country,” Graaf began. “I have heard very few speakers yet on this subject, although everyone is of course concerned with their own issues during the budget.”

Graff provided some vital statisitcs on how the Netherlands is paying for its own destruction by bringing in the followers of Muhammad.

“Without Islam, the Netherlands would not be losing $7.2 billion [Euros] per year on mass immigration,” he said.

“Without Islam there would not be any mosques in the Netherlands and people would not be confronted every day by Islamic headscarves and djellabas, ‘hate beards’ and minarets,” he continued. “A country without all the symbols of Islamic domination – wonderful!
What a country the Netherlands would be without Islam. We wouldn’t have to deal with the policy of population replacement, nor with the policy of Islamic colonization, nor with the settlement policy in more and more districts in large and small cities.

Graff continued his thoughts of what the Netherlands would be like without Islam stating, “Without Islam, the Netherlands would be protected, protected from the social disruption that is taking place as a result of mass immigration, that of hate preachers who come here through family reunification, victim behavior, Moroccan crime, Turkish interference, and which take place by making Islamic demands for adjustment by the Netherlands and by the Dutch. All those barbaric, backward, totalitarian ideas from a seventh-century leader of a band of robbers, a mass murderer and pedophile.”

He continued on with the vision of his country devoid of the religion of pieces for nearly 20 minutes and finally came to a conclusion and challenge to the people.

“The message should be clear: the Netherlands must be de-Islamized, all mosques must be closed – especially the Wester Mosque in


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