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Gruesome video shows man bursting infected spider bite sending vile pus oozing down his arm

  • Video maker says he was bitten by a recluse spider without even realising
  • He holds his red and swollen arm to camera and pierces bite with a needle
  • Pus begins oozing from wound and spills down his arm, soaking a tissue
  • Man appears to be in pain and by end of clip swelling has hardly reduced

This is the horrendous moment a man drained pus from his severely swollen arm after he was bitten by a recluse spider.
The gruesome video was posted to the internet by Nick Hanson, believed to be from Pennsylvania, who uses a pin to release the pressure caused by the bite.
The video maker was bitten by the spider without realising while he was in Indiana, according to the description posted alongside the clip on YouTube.


Around three days later the bite had swollen to the extreme level presented in the video, prompting Nick to have a go at releasing the pus.

In the clip the filmmaker holds his red and swollen arm to the camera and pierces the centre of the bite with a sterilised needle.



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