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ISRAEL’S SECRET WEAPON: David’s Sling provides solution to Hezbollah threats


The Arrow 3 missile defense system is also close to becoming operational.

Two weeks after Hezbollah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah alarmed Haifa Bay residents by threatening a missile attack against the ammonia container there, Israel is unveiling one of its answers to the Lebanese terrorist organization arsenal: the beginning of delivery in recent days of the first components of David’s Sling, the defense system against accurate heavy rockets and missiles, to the air force air defense system.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. developed David’s Sling in cooperation with US company Raytheon. The system is slated to become operational within a few weeks, providing Israel with another defensive layer against medium and long-range missiles that the existing defense systems, such as Arrow 2 and Iron Dome, are incapable of handling. The initial deployment of David’s Sling is unrelated to Nasrallah’s new-old threat: the Homa Administration (also known as the Israel Missile Organization) in the Ministry of Defense Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure and the US Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency (MDA) are cooperating in this matter, subject to a well-ordered and tough work plan. Far more than the psychological warfare being conducted by Hezbollah, progress in the David’s Sling program is a result of a series of successful trials.

The first components of David’s Sling now being delivered to the IDF include the interception, command and control, and radar systems. Mass production of the Stunner missile interceptor, which will destroy the enemy missiles in flight, has already begun in tandem with its development. The cost of one Stunner is estimated at $1 million.

Like the Iron Dome system, the David’s Sling system will also be capable of managing a “combat economy,” meaning that when the attacking missiles is detected in flight, the missile or rocket threat can be classified and its projected landing area calculated. If it is headed for open space, it is possible that no effort will be made to intercept it in order to save money.

Hezbollah’s arsenal is believed to contain 100,000 heavy rockets and missiles. A large part of it was built in recent years while Syria was experiencing war and chaos. The Syrian army munitions warehouses were wide open, and convoys carrying missiles and rockets made their way on the Beirut-Damascus road in order to reinforce the Shi’ite terrorist organization’s firepower. While some of these convoys were attacked from time to time, it is likely that others reached


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