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MUSLIM BLOCK BUSTING, otherwise known as ethnic cleansing, wherever a new mosque is going up


It starts with an oversized mosque being built in a non-Muslim community. Then comes the inevitable flood of Muslims who descend on the neighborhood like locusts. Soon after, the non-Muslim neighbors start complaining about excess traffic, noise, litter, parking and double parking near the mosque. The last straw is when the mosque starts blasting the Muslim Call to Prayer 5 times a day which can be heard for miles in every direction. Non-Muslims start to flee, home prices take a nosedive, and soon the entire neighborhood has been ethnically cleansed…without firing a shot.

Pickering Post  Australia now has 374 mosques and in each immediate area housing values have plummeted to as low as half their former value. Europe is plagued by 6,663 mosques. In the UK alone there are 1,568, the US has 2,189 (up 74 per cent since 2000) and New Zealand has 13.

A so called mega-mosque in the south London suburb of Merton holds 10,000 bums in the air and the Muslim population within wailing earshot is now 80 percent.

Where house values have fallen, banks have reassessed their loan exposures and forced the original home owners to either pay the difference in equity or the property is sold at a mortgagee auction. And guess who is waiting in the wings to pick up a house for half its value? Yep, a Muslim. The right to freedom of religion is embedded deep in our Constitution but it’s starting to erode our hard-won way of life.

A Melbourne single mother of two recently sold her home at a loss (it was adjacent to a newly-built mosque) and down-sized to a unit in Bendigo only to find she was 200 metres from yet another approval, this time for a $3 million mosque.  Those opposing the new mosque had their accounts closed by Bendigo Bank which is hoping to finance the new mosque.

I hope this poor mother of two doesn’t decide to sell up again and move down the road to Ballarat because approval for yet another mosque has just passed council there. And guess what, Queensland’s Campbell Newman this week has rejected a Bill that would prevent Muslims hiding their identity under a burqa. The LNP has decided police have no right to know the identity of an alleged law breaker.

A courier cannot enter a bank wearing a helmet yet any bugger, man or woman, can enter a bank wearing a burqa hiding God


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