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Muslim Family Butchers Own Daughters- But Walk Free After Using THESE Two Words …

ISLAMIC LAW is evil. Plain and simple. The real radicals of the religion are the peaceful Muslims that don’t adhere fully to the cultist religion. The vast majority of Muslims still believe in Shari’a Law, and support it through the world…well here is one of thousands of examples of the ‘religion of peace’.


In 2012, Hamad Shafia, his father Mohammad, and his mother Tooba were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years for the gruesome murders of Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, Geeti, 13, and 50-year-old Rona Amir, Mohammad’s first wife. However, now that they’ve appealed to the judge for a new trial, it proves that Muslim privilege is rampant in Canada.

The Star reports that the Afghani trio slaughtered the four female relatives and attempted to make their murders look like a car accident, piling the bodies in a vehicle and disposing of it in a canal in Toronto. They claimed to have killed the girls because they lacked modesty and pursued Western lifestyles, and the first wife was killed because she supported her daughters. However, as soon as the three realized that they were receiving a prison sentence for the honor killing, they


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