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THE ANSWER: Norway deports record number of Muslims, crime rate drops dramatically


By Thomas Madison

UPDATE (August 29, 2015): Having read the comments to this article regarding the “Read more” link not working, I researched as best I could from my original notes and can provide the following:

My original source for the article was Universal Free Press. I am unable to find the original source article anywhere, and have no idea why the link disappeared. One of the references I cited in

my original article was a local Norway newspaper that provided the data, including tables and charts. I can no longer find that reference either, although I did find this

reference…. It is clear from reading the comments in this reference in the Norway Post that the article and the problem of Muslim

crime is legitimate, despite what appears to be some whitewashing by the Norwegian government, denying that Muslims have been targeted for deportation. I will provide more reference material

as it becomes available.

From Dom the Conservative, Universal Free Press

One country has finally learned that a flow of Muslim immigrants creates problems. No, nott just problems, horrific crimes.

Along with the introduction of Islam into European countries comes a drastic increase in rape, child molestation, murder, violence, and protests, all justifiable in the Quran and Hadith.

Jihadists, collectively known as mujahideen, implement


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