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HAVE ISRAELIS HIT ROCK BOTTOM: Analysis suggests Israel has accepted the ‘routine of terror’

The IDF and Shin Bet’s recommendations for a diplomatic initiative or gesture of good will have fallen on deaf ears.


Tuesday was an unusual day in the routine of terror. Five terror attacks, or attempted terror attacks, in four different places – Kalandiya, Jerusalem, Petah Tikva and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, which ended in the death of one person and left more than ten injured, purportedly signals of an escalation.

US Vice President Joe Biden’s participation in an event at the Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa, not far from one of the terror scenes at the Jaffa Port and the Tel Aviv promenade, led to baseless claims that there was a connection between the attacks and his visit. The naked truth is that there was no connection. There also was no connection between the different terror attacks on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s assailants fit in with what we’ve known for more than five months, since the beginning of the third intifada, in which 34 Israelis and some 180 Palestinians have been killed. They were lone wolf attackers that do not belong to an organization. The majority of them are teenage boys and men, but some are even middle-aged women. Their weapons have included everything at hand – kitchen knives or home-made Karl Gustav submachine guns. It can happen anywhere. In the territories, east Jerusalem, or anywhere within the Green Line.

This is an intifada that the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), Israel Police and the IDF are powerless in the face of. The terror attacks are not guided by any organization. The Shin Bet and security forces cannot gather intel on the attacks ahead of time. Therefore, they cannot be thwarted. In this reality, it is impossible to initiate steps, but only to react.

The reality is one of accepting the situation. The public accepts the terror attacks as if they are God’s will, a cosmic event or an act of nature. On the one hand this approach shows national strength. The mantra that we must continue with our routines has been absorbed well.

However, the public’s acceptance of the situation plays into the government’s hands. The ministers are not subject to criticism, and therefor


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