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How to Get Rid of Back Fat Easily and Quickly at Home


Fat on the body is bad news. It doesn’t just look bad, but these excess pounds bring poor health with it too. It is by now an established fact that obesity can cause a lot of medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke and several others. Several studies and research works have proved this beyond doubt. Obesity can kill self-confidence and bring down morale too, which again can have a long-term negative impact on the mind and the body. But the sad reality is that, we see obesity the world over these days. It seems to be getting worse. Back fat is probably a more serious condition, as we tend to ignore this. That’s because, we tend to ignore about our backsides. Most people are just worried about their tummy. But that’s not how it should be. We need to know how to get rid of back fat as well. This should be a priority too.

The Causes of Back Fat – The Bra

It’s only recently that we are getting to hear the phrase “back fat”. When a woman walks away from you, and you see that the backside of her side shirt isn’t lying smoothly on the skin, then it’s got to be back fat. In simple terms, this is just fat on the back side of the body. It could be lower back fat, or fat around the tummy, buttocks, upper back fat around the shoulders or the spine.

1.    Not wearing the bra properly –

One cause of back fat is the bra, particularly not wearing it properly. Often, a lot of women would put on the bra incorrectly. They would put the arms through its straps and then fasten the back side of their bra. But, they will forget the last thing, which is pulling it back down to anchor below the blades of the shoulder. The back of your bra can creep up when it is not adjusted properly, and this is going to push the skin up. This causes back fat. The good news is that, a bra that fits properly can help you get rid of back fat.

2.    A bra with a big band size –

There is another cause of back fat. If you wear a bra where the band size is too big, then you can have fat in the back side. Most ladies don’t realize this, but the fact is that, you can have back fat if the band is not tight enough. An improper band size is going to make the bra creep up and push the skin along with it. The right band size anchors the bra’s back. It stays in the right place, and gives your back the nice and smooth look. So you see, the bra is not just about your breasts, it’s also about how your back side might appear.

3.    A skimpy bra –

You can have back fat if the back and wings of the bra are extremely skimpy. A wider back and sides will flatten your skin below fitted clothes. You will get a lower bulge. It’s always better to wear a bra with a wider back than something skimpy that causes fat.

Health and Lifestyle Reasons for Back Fat

There are of course many general health and lifestyle issues that cause back fat too. Here are some of the major ones. You should know these causes if you are trying to lose back fat fast. Take action now, because back fat could be a sign that you are carrying excess pounds in your body.

•    Activity Level

A lot of us are leading sedentary lifestyles now. In other words, most of us are doing far less physical activity than what we ought to. The computer has worsened things. The body needs a source of fuel for all activities. It will first burn the stored sugar, and then use up fat. When you do not use the fuel, the metabolism of your body will cool down, and gradually over time, you will accumulate fat.

•    Dietary Habits

It is essential for you to watch what you are eating and drinking too. Consider where your food products are coming from. Are you taking a lot of processed foods that have loads of preservatives and additives? Or are you on a diet of organic food that is food from natural sources? The kind of food you usually get at fast food joints are from packages – these are your fast foods. They often taste amazing, but these foods can never be healthy for you. They have a lot of calories, fats, sodium, added sugar and carbohydrates. Yes, your body needs them to some extent for proper functioning, but with these packaged foods, you will end up getting too much fat. And of course, a diet that is rich in calories, sugars and fats will give you back fat.

Sometimes medicines can also cause obesity and back fat. However, this is not that serious, as you can always get rid of lower back fat once you have stopped taking them. It’s just temporary. The main cause of fat throughout your body, including your back, is poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. These are the common culprits.

Age and Back Fat

There’s another reason of back fat, and that is age. We all know that the skin’s firmness goes down with age. This happens to all of us and is a part of our natural aging process. And the skin can get even more spongy and soft if you gain weight.

Any form-fitting clothes you wear could cause indentation at the back. So if you are an older woman, and if you are asking how to lose back fat, then what’s the solution for you?

Don’t lose heart, as there are a few ideas for you. For instance, you may want to wear one of these camisoles instead of the bra. The camisole is smooth. Plus, it’s going to give you the support you need all the way to your waist.

How Can I Lose Back Fat

It’s good to know the reasons for all that back fat, but the more important question obviously is, how can you get rid of back fat? Here are some ideas for you.

But even before you go deeper into this section, it’s good to realize that it is not possible to lose fat from just one area of your body, even though it might seem to you that there is more of it concentrated in some particular body parts. If you have fat on the back side, it is likely that you have in other places too. Do the right things and you can certainly lose that fat. Take action now, because obesity is indeed very bad.

Exercises to Lose Back Fat

The most difficult thing about losing the excess pounds is that, you cannot concentrate on a specific body part and lose fat from it. You must train the entire body to burn fat. The results are visible all over. But, you can focus the toning and strengthening exercises on a single area. And you will lose fat too.

1.    Pull-ups

Where it works – Back muscles, biceps

There are many muscles in the back. The pull-up sculpts and tones them all. The best is the normal pull-up, where you have to use your palms faced out and grip the bar. Do this twice in sets of ten. The chin-up pose, where your palms are facing you is easier to do. That’s a good one. But make it the second option, as it does not affect the biceps that much. Some other options for you are negative pull-ups, assisted pull-ups, and the TRX assisted inverted tow.

2.    Push-ups

Where it works – Chest and back

Here you are actually working your chest. However, this can be a very good exercise to lose back fat too. You start in the standard push-up pose. Hands must be on the ground. You will be engaging the back as you get lower into a contracted pose. Lower yourself gradually. Keep your focus on the downward movement. Push up after holding for 3 seconds. Contract your chest as you do this. A couple of sets of ten each should be enough for a day.

3.    Rowing machine

Where it works – Muscles in the legs and back

These machines have become very popular now. There is a good reason for this. It’s among the best back fat workouts. The rowing movement targets the back with perfection. So get on that rowing machine. You cannot do anything wrong here.

4.    Dumbbell row

Where it works – Arms and upper back

Keep one of your knees on the table or bench. Keep some weight (3 to 5 pounds) on your hand. Now bend forward slightly. Your back should be flat. Pull your arm back as if you are rowing. Your upper back should contract, and the elbow should be at the side of your body as you are moving. Switch your arms after completing a set of 12.

5.    Upper body cycle

Where it works – Triceps and back

Very few people use the upper body bike in health clubs. That’s good for you because you need it to fight lower back fat. It’s great for your back and triceps. 5 minutes is going to be enough on this. You will get better results if you can do it backwards.

Do these back fat workouts between two to three times every week. That should be enough. But remember, it’s not really essential to do all of them at the


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