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Mom Takes A Photo With Her Baby. Seconds Later, Something Absolutely Horrifying Happens…

In the picture below, you’ll see the Mantia family enjoying a picnic. For Destiny Mantia, the mother, life couldn’t have been going better. She had just given birth to her baby son Parker and was taking care of him with her loving husband Corey. Life was perfect, then everything tragically changed.


The day started out like any other. Corey headed to work in the morning while Destiny stayed home to take care of 15 month old Parker. Corey returned home at the end of day tired, but happy to be reunited with his family.

That afternoon, the whole Mantia family got into their car so Destiny could visit a client for business. Because Destiny cared so much about the safety of her child, she put Parker in a rear facing seat. That unfortunately didn’t stop what happened next, however.

“Little did we know in a few short minutes everything would change. We would no longer get to live our future together. Any dreams we had would no longer happen together. This is a date and time that will forever be embedded in my head. “

While they were driving, a drunk driver crashed into their car in a head-on collision, which resulted in death of Corey, Parker, and the drunk driver. Destiny thankfully survived, but she felt that she also died.

“That day the Destiny that was a mom


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