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Muslim parents horrified to find pork in cheese and onion rolls bought at Tesco in Great Horton Road, Bradford


MUSLIM parents were horrified after discovering cheese and onion rolls they had given their children were in fact pork.

Waqar Khalil and Malgorzata Walilko bought the snacks from Tesco in Great HortonRoad and heated them up and gave them to Sameeh, eight, and Saad Gabriel, six.

Noticing the smell, they checked the rolls, which their children had already started eating, and saw they were pork filled, rather than cheese and onion.
The eating of pork is forbidden for practising Muslims.

A spokesman for the supermarket giant said it was investigating the incident but this was the only complaint it had received about the product.

The couple said the pack of six was clearly marked as cheese and onion, and also had a label on it saying the product was suitable for vegetarians.

The parents have complained to Tesco, which offered an apology, but they refused to accept a £20 voucher to the store.

The couple, who live in Melba Road, Canterbury, Bradford, said the children were upset after they were told the rolls were pork, and they will now have to get rid of kitchen appliances the rolls were in contact with.

Mr Khalil, who is studying for a PhD, said: “We opened the rolls and saw there was sausage inside. We went to the store and spoke to someone in charge.

“We showed him the roll first without any packaging, and he said it was a pork roll. He apologised straight away.

“He offered us a £20 voucher as a good will gesture, but we didn’t take it.”

Mr Khalil said the product appeared to have been removed from the shelf after their complaint.

He added: “We are raising our children as Muslims, so we tell them what is allowed and what is not allowed. They are very upset about this. It’s not their fault.”

Mrs Walilko, a care home worker, added: “It is not just how this could affect Muslims, the package said it was suitable for vegetarians too.

“We aren’t against people eating pork, different people can have different things. We’re not saying it’s wrong, we’re just not allowed it as Muslims.”

The couple has sought advice from Trading Standards


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