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The lunacy of the German government hits an all-time LOW, as they start a website showing musllim ‘refugees’ how to have sex with German women

If there needs to be a website to teach “migrants” what appropriate sexual behavior in society is, they should not be allowed in at all.

That said, the website,, is very simple and reads like the pornographic Planned Parenthood sex guides the group markets to American teens. There are a lot of illustrations too, and many are used more than once.

However, I did notice some interesting points that show how the German government is trying to propagate certain political and social views through this website (NOTE: links may contain adult content):

-There is a tremendous amount of interracial sex displayed on the website, and in almost all cases the sex is between clearly dark-skinned men (Arab, Turkish, African) and white German women (here, here, here). In the section on homosexuality, all of the couples are either dark-skinned or interracial (here).


-When talking about HIV or other STDs, the people displayed are almost all dark-skinned (here, here). Not only that, but it even shows a picture of what it implies is a black man giving a white German woman an STD while having sex with her (here).

-For the section on “casual sex,” it only shows a picture of a black woman picking up a white guy in a bar (here).

-For marriage and married relationships, only straight white couples and gay dark skinned male couples are displayed (here, here). However, dark-skinned couples merely live together (here).

-For adoption, it shows a dark-skinned couple and an interracial lesbian couple (here).

-Female Genital Mutilation shows a diagram of a clearly white German woman with a clitorectomy (here).

-In the sections about “honor” and “relationship



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